Proof Facebook is racist as fuck

Lately, it seems as if Facebook has been doing everything it possibly can to earn a reputation for only giving a shit about white male feelings. This has become especially apparent among the growing leftbook communities. Leftbook itself has enough of it’s own issues that it seems like overkill to add a platform administered by a somewhat ambiguously racist, sexist and transphobic staff into the mix.
Many of us have heard of accounts getting ‘zucced’ and many of us have even been ‘zucced’ personally. Usually, almost exclusively, from all instances I’ve personally heard about, it’s due to a post that in some way or another challenges whiteness and maleness. The justification is always some vague reasoning that equates it to hate speech or some similar nonsense.
Of course, this bias in my dataset could just be because all the people I know on Facebook are the type to take every opportunity to bash on whiteness and maleness. My type of people. So I wanted to be a 100% sure.
Then I got zucced for a few days for posting a quote by Lorenzo Kom’boa Ervin, and I decided to take the opportunity to see what it was really hitting for. I wanted to make it as clear as possible, beyond any shadow of a doubt that not only was Facebook biased as fuck but also hypocritically racist when it came to when and how they implemented their ‘community standards’.
So I took my original post, the one that they said violated their ‘community standards’ and had subsequently banned me for, changed the subject of the post, and submitted it on the wall of a sock, where it wouldn’t be seen by anyone but my original account and a second sock and then reported it from this second sock. (Yes, I have more socks than a dryer in an apartment building). Then I waited for the response.
About a week later I got the confirmation that these muthafuckers were sure as fuck not only biased but racist to boot.
This screenshot is the notification of my ban. It contains the original post.
This next screenshot is the same paragraph but with a different subject that was posted to the wall of sock ‘A’
This last screenshot is Facebook’s reply when sock ‘b’ reported the above post by sock ‘A’.

Really, it couldn’t get any clearer than this.
On the one hand it’s clear that they will not let us be critical of whiteness. However, this could be due to a complete lack of understanding of what is meant by whiteness. But even still, this particular quote is quite clear about what is meant.
But the fact that, when the subject was changed to that of a highly marginalized community, they refused to apply the same criteria of ‘community standards’ and saw absolutely nothing wrong, points to some serious racial and political bias on their part.
This fact alone isn’t surprising to anyone that’s been paying attention for the past 600 years or so. The real issue here, though, is the fact that Facebook has the largest social network on the web and they are systematically controlling the dialog in a way that is perpetuating the marginalization of entire communities of people while protecting the privileged from any criticism.
You see this isn’t just an isolated incident. I have been seeing screenshots of these so called far right trolls harassing the shit out of my comrades from behind the safety of their computer screens with complete, and I mean complete, impunity from any Facebook sanctions. I’m not just talking about your ambiguous dog whistle slurs that liberals and conservatives refuse to acknowledge, I’m talking blatant shit that would get your chin checked in any real life encounter.
Facebook is not only controlling our dialog but actively steering the dialog away from issues that absolutely need to be discussed. Facebook is actively perpetuating the cultural normalization of marginalization.
Many of the people I know are unwilling to risk getting their accounts banned for various reasons and I’m in no place to judge anyone for that. But what matters is that Facebook knows this and they use this leverage to successfully manipulate the discourse of thousands upon thousands of people every fucking day.
At some point we have to collectively shit or get off the pot. This Facebook shit is just another spread of the hustle. Another cog in the machine.
When y’all are ready to start smashing this machine, we’ll be waiting, but we won’t wait for much longer, this shits getting old.
PS. I’m not editing the pics to hide my identity cause I really don’t give a fuck.