Black Americans Don’t Have Access To Adequate Mental Health Care

Courtesy of Vice News

Black Americans don’t have access to adequate mental health care, and in a white supremacist and capitalist society like this one, we never will.


In a better world, mental healthcare that addressed the needs of all the people would be seamlessly woven into our social structures, with the equivalent of an intersectional awareness. In this society, mental health access is stigmatized and gate-kept; all things White are reinforced, lauded, and most importantly, forgiven, while as the irredeemable other, and foil to whiteness, Black people have to contend with the opposite, the threat of violence contingent upon nothing, the psychic vampire of self-doubt, the genetic trail of multi-generational genocidal horror, the psychology of the deeply injured, the ever-present specter of institutionalized Racism, the continuous needling microagressions that spew from every societal node. As a result, black people who are in need of care are forced to place ourselves in the position to be re-abused, or even ensnared inadvertently by the state or the criminal justice system.

As always,  insult is added to injury in the inescapable, and frankly absurd situation we’ve been coerced into which dictates that we petition the same system for help that was built around the idea of oppressing us in the first place. Speaking structurally, it’s impossible for a system deeply and inextricably invested in the idea of measurable intelligence, quantifiability, easy compartmentalization, material profit, whiteness, and implicit antiblackness to be beneficial to black people!

As an internal colony and radically dehumanized and commoditized racial underclass, black people have very litutle recourse to literature or schools of psychology and practice that have not received the express imprimatur of the prevailing order, are not steeped in exclusively Eurocentric philosophical traditions and the fundamentally white supremacist cultural matrix, and is not beholden to and tainted by post-colonial/euro-centric constructs and preconceptions that reach back to the era of scientific Racism, and beyond to the Enlightenment.

By divorcing us from the land and its stories and knowledge, as well as the cultures and languages that sprang from it and the ingrained strategies for mental health that are accessible when a society is allowed to manifest a stable state of existence, as opposed to one that is kep purposely unstable, and is unabashedly parasitic and soulless, the power structure has successfully divorced us from our peoplehood, the easier to designate us as property/expendable.

This really is a white mans world; meanwhile, many of us float in a hazy limbo without even the possibility of validation of our humanity or mental respite from the inherently violent and coercive social organizations, institutions, and resources we are obliged to participate in and rely upon.

Courtesy of Vice News