McCormick Prison Uprising: Dispatches from the Prison Nation

“We are being punished for demanding water.
The unit I am in is currently still locked down. The rest of the general population has resumed normal routines. Our lockdown status is because we refused to return to our cells after they denied us water Friday. My current unit is F4. We will not be allowed visits, rec, or showers due to our demand for water. Throughout the water crisis we were only given one cup of water a day. A cup of milk for brunch. But no water. Some of us thought we were going to die of thirst. Others went on to drink the contaminated water. Yes, for every meal, pigs were there with big weapons ready to engage us if we demanded water. This article is pig propaganda. Ask why are we still locked down. We need a public investigation. Something is terribly wrong here. We thank everyone that has already been calling, but now we ask you to call again to get the truth”.
From a prisoner at MCI, SC

Chronological updates from twitter re McCormick Uprising in South Carolina.


“Comrades at McCormick have said these pigs called fucking riot squads bc they knew they were going 2 deny them water and it may cause a riot.

Prisoners at McCormick Corr in SC are in a 2nd day of being denied drinking water. Currently they are served 1 cup of water every 24hrs

Prisoners at McCormick were served lunch at gun point. Reason given, in case prisoners buck behind not receiving drinking water”


“Ask yourself, what type of slave system is Amerika operating when it can regulate prisoners 2 a cup of water per a day. Is that humane?

South Carolina Dept of Corr has a policy not 2 allow it captives 2 talk 2 media. The local media is hand n hand with this policy.

SC DOC like my state DOC will place its captives on confinement if they r caught talking 2 the media. That is y u hear nothing from them

We have 2 work as a modern day underground railroad. If caught communicating against slavery we r swiftly dealt with by isolation/beatings”


“If you all missed the memo, the rebellion is in full effect at McCormick Correctional. The same rat trap that denied prisoners water

Right before the RHU ie lockup set it off today, 2 prisoners were shot in f2. Shit is real.

Its tru 1 pig walked off job bc he refused 2 shoot the prisoners over nothing. At McCormick Prison. McCormick how it feels when we bite bac

The fight has went from prisoners fighting prisoners 2 prisoners against the system of injustice as it should be

Prisoners in f2 at MCI SC was not shot with shotgun but riot mace. The pig holdn gun wouldn’t shoot the prisoner

The pig at McCormick Prison that refused 2 shoot the prisoner, we tilt our hats to u. You can find better work. His name was LT. LOVET.”


“We are glad 2 hear real reports from our JLS comrades there regarding how prisoners united their rage against the system (finally)”


“Straight from McCormick Prison Rebels: Another pig just got beat down. Name Sgt. Kelly. They are calling out riot team. We running the dorm

Straight from McCormick rebels, fuck all the pigs working here. They treated us like shot over the weekend. # burntheprisons

Corrections can have a thousand pigs working at 1 prison when its time 2 set it off in the prisons, they have no control at that moment.

Seems the word is out at McCormick Prison, beat those pigs from here on out. Snowball issue from water #burntheprisons

Straight out of McCormick Prison in SC: Pigs have surrounded building. Entire yard locked down. Pigs waiting on more fire power”


All updates are from @SlaveryPrison Prison Slavery276

Prisoners were not shot by shot gun pellets in f2. Prisoners were gased with riot weapon that is mace. Fire burning chemical that can blind you. The ofc holding the weapon that was told to shoot the prisoner refused to do so. Later that same day he walked off the job and quit.
Two prison wards have had a rebellion due to the water mistreatment. The RHU went off due to the water treatment and other living conditions concerns. SCDC fails in the accountability department like most state DOCs. Yes this includes the FEDS.
Those at MCI thank you all for keeping the pressure on. Water issues are popping up all over the nation prisons, maybe SCDC is giving us the chance to set what we will and will not accept on the water front in this nation prisons.
As a prisoner #burnallprisons