Fuck Columbus and What He Stands For


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Fuck Christopher Columbus and what he symbolizes, and fuck the people who willingly preserve his legacy of genocide and colonial authority. We are not required to preserve the legacy of white settlers that continuously showed contempt, disregard, and hatred for our ancestors and left an indelible negative impression in the lives of the indigenous folks of this land. We will not carry this burden of silence, while we continuously watch this country incarcerate, murder and rape indigenous people. He is not a visionary but an ignorant, sadistic man at best. From his first voyage on, Columbus sent indigenous human beings back to Spain to be sold as slaves. Many of them died during the voyages, and he had this to say about this fact:

“ Although they die now, they will not always die. The Negroes and Canary Islanders died at first.” – Columbus

Columbus held the record for the most indigenous slaves sent to Europe by a single individual (about 5,000). It was making no secret that he was looking for gold. The description of his first encounter with the indigenous of this land we call America in his journal states:

“I was very attentive to them, and strove to learn if they had any gold.”
– Columbus

During his second voyage, Columbus and his men started making unreasonable demands towards indigenous people, including forced sex with their women, and punished those who wouldn’t collaborate by cutting off their ears and nose. When the indigenous folks this fought back in an organized manner, Columbus used this as a pretext to conquer the island with his superior weaponry. This is how Columbus became governor of Hispaniola. Columbus and his men were never really able to exploit the resources of the island, whether by digging gold or cultivating food, so they had the natives do that for them using a cruel tribute system.

According to some estimates, the number of indigenous living on Haiti before Columbus was a bit less than 8 million people. In 1496, when Columbus’ brother Bartholomew was left in charge of Hispaniola between Columbus’ second and third voyage, the indigenous population was an estimated 3 million people from starvation, and ethnic cleansing. Twenty years later, they were about 12,000. By 1555 they were… Zero.

In 1499, Columbus asked the Court of Spain for a royal commissioner to help him govern. The Court instead sent Francisco de Bobadilla to completely replace him as governor. When de Bobadilla discovered the atrocities that had been committed on the island, he ordered the arrest of Columbus and his two brothers, who were sent back to Spain and remained in prison for six weeks before managing to bargain their way to freedom, on the condition that they never become governors again.

Columbus was an exceptionally cruel man, even by 15th century standards. It is therefore not appropriate to call his actions those of “a man of his times”. Columbus, just like other colonizers, is also responsible for the creation of the social construct of race and the racialized social hierarchy we still experience to this day. When Columbus first landed on Turtle Island, indigenous people came to greet him and his men. He asked the natives, “who are you?” and they replied “we are people”. Columbus replied “Oh, so you’re Indians”. This was partially because Columbus at first mistook Turtle Island for India, and also because he simply couldn’t accept the natives as human beings, instead having to classify them as something else he considered beneath him. And this is why it is amazing that such a person can still be celebrated in the United States.

Columbus was influenced by ideas by such as “Manifest Destiny”, which states that it was the birthright of the European white man, the “civilized” ones, to colonize the “savage world” for their own good. The truth is that It was not his birthright to be in the land nor his men. As a matter of fact ever since he landed on these shores, the ideas and practices he brought and the legacy he left behind has produced nothing but more death and destruction. There’s a reason why Columbus gets his own day, and even other colonial figures don’t. Nope, it’s not because he discovered this land per se, many others set foot on Turtle Island way before Columbus ever did. Most of them behaved peacefully and respectfully. Columbus day is celebrated because Columbus discovered and essentially founded AMERICA, as in the American system that we currently live under. His colonial legacy provided the ground basis for the current economic and state system we still live with today. Columbus Day is celebrated as a patriotic holiday for that reason.

For these reasons, Columbus is not worth being celebrated in any way shape or form. His legacy should be viewed as on par with the likes of Adolph Hitler and similar figures. The fact that it’s not shows how barbaric our society really is. We are not as civilized as we like to think we are. Celebrating his disgusting behavior is an embarrassment and is why we declare that we completely reject Columbus Day and reject EVERYTHING that came from him. Since 1492 we’ve been suffering because of this shit and we refuse to put up with it any longer. This is why we need to take this colonial legacy DOWN, from the statues to the system it created. How much longer are we gonna put up with oppression because of a man who died over 200 years ago?

Don’t smile at him, take him down. 🏴🏴🏴🏴🏴

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